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Take your writing material to a new level of success and uniqueness with our accomplished writers and achieve effective results with your communication.


Ghost Writing

Why hire a ghostwriter? Because you have a story to tell, that people keeps telling you that you need to get it out to the world,  but you don’t know how or where to start, how to do it, or have enough dedicated time for writing, editing and researching. A ghostwriter will work on organizing your thoughts and communicate them clearly to your intended target audience. Your writer will take your idea, formulate a context and write it in with specific methodology to engage readers.

Ghost Writing

Our Offer

Every project undertaken comes with:

Free Briefing Procedure

Unique Content Guaranteed

Editing and Proofreading Services

Revision Requests

Best Available writer for your Project

Fast and Timely Delivery

Each project bears a distinctive approach that is fitting and specific to the nature of the book theme and main purpose.

We assign the perfect writer to match the purpose of the book and the individual requirements of a company, a person, or a group of individuals. It is a highly customised service that adjusts as it is implemented and developed.

* Prices are subject to change according to project specifications






Develop a book that delivers your idea explicitly to your customers and prospective buyers.

Non-Fiction Writing

$ 90/ hour*

Drafted in the Language of your Chosen.

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Autobiographies are hard to write when you are the subject. Well-known figures and celebrities will  require a ghostwriter in order to objectivity to their autobiography. Ghostwriting will provide a different perspective on the events providing a  more truthful and sincere portrayal of events.

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Memoirs / Autobiographies

$ QOD (Quote On demand)

Typically drafted in the english Language unless otherwise specified

Turn your story idea into a well-written, passionate and engaging book including genre tropes readers expect so your story hits all the hot buttons. 

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Fiction Writing

$ 70/ hour*

Drafted in the Language of your Chosen.